As nose-dive morphs into winter and the year's final solstice approaches, view of furthermost Las Vegas Hilton SuperContestants are off-ramp to the three-week mini-contest at season's end.

That's once the number of contestants get to au fond open over as they fire up competing for a $10,000 winnings that goes to the knockout.

The cardinal leaders, with 40 1/2 points apiece, are touch an intermediate of 66 pct and at the recent do not measure up for the $10,000 perquisite that goes to a winner who nabs 67 pecent or more winners.

According to Shaun Hess, who has strengthened ties in the play alliance and is finest certain as a "handicappers handicapper," 34 players in the transcription paddock of 505 were hitting 60 percent or improved after the 11th week.

That numeral was descending from 214 after the premier week.

Forty players right now are in cardinal points of the body.

Hilton participants square $1,500 per entryway and select v pro games period resistant a pointspread that's denote on Tuesday.

They get one ingredient for a win and a half-point for a squash. Players have 25 more than ammo to fire, as well as 15 the decisive 3 weeks (15, 16 and 17).

The title holder will earn $303,000 and 20 places will be compensated.

Cincinnati, a 155-58 superior all over Pittsburgh, was Week 13's top agreement leap. The Bengals are deed 3 1/2 points.

The accord is 82-76-3 after a 12 weeks and selected bets are 7-5-1, incliding Week 5, which obvious co-top show business.

SuperContestants chose 9 favorites and seven underdogs in Week 13.

The top popular selection was Miami, a 91-35 choose done Buffalo. The Bills are acceptance 4 points.

The week's nighest phone call was Baltimore over Houston, 42-36. The Ravens are birthing 8.

Tennessee got the nod complete Indianapolis 58-42 in a big halt for the 11-0 Colts. SuperContestants on the surface thought Indy wouldn't shield 15.

Another AFC team game superior concentration is the pick'em chase relating Denver and Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium.

Hilton contestants chose a dog and a favorite in a duo of NFC Central Division rivalries. They chose Green Bay plus 7 terminated Chicago 93-67 and Minnesota minus 2 1/2 complete Detroit 118-76.

The Monday period of time send for went to Philadelphia plus 4, 80-73 ended Seattle.

Additional agreement choices were Jaguars finished Browns, 112-60; Giants completed Cowboys, 106-54; Falcons finished Panthers, 94-74; Buccaneers over and done with Saints, 97-37; Cardinals complete 49ers, 76-46; Redskins complete Rams, 89-43; Patriots finished Jets, 74-28; and Raiders done Chargers, 68-43.



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