Would you like to dispense your babe boy a dub ruminative of your Irish roots? In this article, I've listed some of the peak fashionable names for a boy in Ireland, reported to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland. For respectively label coming into court below, I have fixed the Gaelic spelling, the name's meaning, and, once applicable, the Anglo-Saxon interpretation of the term.

Adhamh - Gaelic for Adam; "red earth, ruddy"

Aidan - "the elfin torrid one"

Ailín - Gaelic for Alan, Allen; "noble"

Aindréas - Gaelic for Andrew; "manly, valiant, courageous"

Áron - Gaelic for Aaron; "shining light, messenger"

Breandan - Gaelic for Brendan; "prince"

Caoimhín - Gaelic for Kevin; "handsome"

Concobhar - Gaelic for Conor/Connor; "a compelling will"

Cormac - "lad of the chariot"

Dainéal - Gaelic for Daniel; "oak"

Dáivi - Gaelic for David; "beloved one"

Darragh - "small grave one, riches"

Declan - designation of a 5th century bishop

Dermot - "free of envy"

Donovan - "dark warrior"

Dylan - "sea god, son of the waves"

Fionn - "white, fair"

Liam - Gaelic for William; "determined guardian"

Micheál - Gaelic for Michael; "who is like-minded God"

Pádraig - Gaelic for Patrick; "noble, well-born"

Roibeárd - Gaelic for Robert; "bright, famous"

Ruairí - Gaelic for Rory; "the red king"

Séamus - Gaelic for James; "the supplanter"

Seán - Gaelic for John; "God is gracious"

Steafán - Gaelic for Stephen; "crown"

These are honourable a few of the many a Irish defamation that would be due for a little one boy. If you did not find anything you similar here, location are many websites that contribute a more well-known inventory.

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