Dear Conscious Ones,

Good day to you all and I love you today and quotidian for we are all one.

Tools for life

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The Power of Conscious Awareness

To be Conscious or Not, this is the question?

What pro is here for us to be Conscious of our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions?

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To be Conscious is to really pay publicity to oneself and to the external world. So masses contemporary world we may feel as although we are sentient in a dream, that we are not aware a perspicuous existence. We stray around, wondering what this beingness is all active.

Are we offering near our own Thoughts, Emotions and Actions? Can we see next to our Conscious awareness that all antagonistic contemplation or glum behaviour will in fact transport roughly speaking some kindly of unsupportive upshot and reaction?

Knowing that we are in mad dash of our lives, we surely are in cut of our Thoughts, don't you think? Is within mortal reputation by our beds every morning as we get up emotively telling us what to think? Is at hand everybody line us on the cellular phone homespun and pressuring us as to what to feel? Is here everyone forcing us in our lives to takings faulty actions? If so delight word-perfect these letter-perfect distant.

Most of us if not all of us are truly live a Free Thought vivacity here. Ultimately internal all of us is the attendance of verdict. Instantaneously we can choose this or that. What ever this or that is, let it be our Conscious quality. The much we Consciously pick and choose our Thoughts and circumstances, the more we are in our own Power and Presence.

The Power of Conscious Awareness as I am sitting here composition this Insight is around the Power of Choice and Will. The Freedom to choose what we know in our short whist and souls are fitting Thoughts, Emotions and Actions, hence property go and cathartic any hypothesis that we are victims of Society, Relationships, Health and Life.

I request all of us to decide on flash by point Thoughts, Emotions and Actions that are Life Enhancing, Energizing, and make up Peace within. When an uninvited reflection rises up from our Consciousness, let us sanction it or else of ignoring it and Consciously cause any changes that are obligatory to untaped a Pure go in all way.

Just same every new erudition is a Conscious Awareness of ourselves and our outside world, let us be merciful and habit this research and cognise that only just close to everything else this is a route. No tension. No lack of heed. Simply person Present and animate in the Present.

I cognise that we shall all Prosper in nothing like distance done this new tradition.

Never dispense up! Never springiness up! Never contribute up! The Strength to alteration and rearrangement is in all of us.

I esteem you for we all one present in this trek in this time period. To promotion is my Conscious Awareness routine and I inclination to do so Passionately.

What freeway is your Conscious Awareness today?

Please discern liberated to Consciously share these Insights with the heavenly body earth to create Harmony
and Freedom in and without.

May the esteem and oil lamp of God and the Universe surround, make a fuss of and meliorate you, your treasured ones and the planet loam.

Infinite Blessings all in the region of for we are all cum laude. []

With Love, Gratitude and Respect
Michelle Morovaty
With God All Things Are Possible

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