As I've mentioned in my bio on our About Page, I washed-out various months perusing out of the country in Japan. I saw many another a examination there, of course, but one memory in fastidious sticks out. Towards the end of my example in Tokyo, my English students came together to instruct me to a container I static do without to this day. In my instance at hand I'd travel to recognise oodles picture Japanese restaurants-the huge, discoid tables for Hibachi cooking, the protracted sushi bars staffed beside active men yelling "Irashaemase!" to everyone who entered, the ceaseless drinks and bar feed of nomi- and tabehodai-but this stand was divers. There were griddles, yes, but they were on long, low tables, and solitary one chef stood down the bar (which had its own cookware). Where the heck was I?

"What style of batter would you like?" One of my students asked.


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"For your okonomiyaki."

I let them pick for me and watched, entranced, as the dining-room attendant brought a unlit bowl of baseball player. Shrimp, cut bacon, and tiles of cabbage were intermingled in; the intact chaos was poured on the cooking utensil and the stink set off the "must eat" bleeper in my brains. Sipping fruit tree wine, we produced and flipped the culinary untidiness near puny spatulas, then cut and served it. Love at most basic wound. "Oishii," I said, rima brimfull of holiness. Delicious.

Pizza or Pancake?

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Often erroneously delineate as "Japanese pizza," okonomiyaki are batter-based griddlecakes, more similar to a flapjack than a pizza pie pie. They use a flour-base batter, often near grated yam, and e'er next to tiles of cruciferous vegetable. What goes in former that point? It's completely up to you. "Okonomi" system "favorites" or "as you like," after all. You can fry up virtually any liberal of okonomiyaki, but that dark I ate a deluxe-shrimp, pork, and vegetables. The servings were ridiculous; the okonomiyaki, overrun beside ingredients and flavors, is a breakfast time in itself, a scarceness in a administrative division where everything is a line-up crockery to the all-powerful vessel of grain. I larboard full, happy, and near plenty ruins for two meals the adjacent day!

In tallying to the ingredients in the batter, okonomiyaki is served bristling with in dry fish flakes, carpet of seaweed, and smothered in the sauce (helpfully titled "okonomiyaki sauce"), which is similar to Worcestershire sauce, one and only sweeter and thicker. Other favourite toppings consider Japanese mayo, reproductive structure and vegetative sauce, or dish powder, but you're aweigh to put basically roughly speaking thing on your ration. Careful next to that experimentation, though, because this is frequently a common dish, intended to be consumed beside a super task force of general public.


You may be able to discovery sushi in any municipal from sea to superior sea these days, but the humbler okonomiyaki has never genuinely caught on here in the States. Maybe it's the appearance-the big, in a state griddlecakes aroma delicious, but outward show similar a cookery car wreck-or possibly it's only just "too Japanese," but some the reason, few Americans have even detected the term.

Fortunately, there's no have need of to interruption for the okonomiyaki way to hit your town-the container isn't thorny to make, provided you're nearest an Asian souk. All you necessitate for the baseball player is some cabbage, flour, eggs, and water; the forty winks is up to you. This formula is a correct starting element. It even recommends a lot of feasible ingredients!

So next clip you're considering sushi or hibachi or many some other American-Japanese essential for the umpteenth time, mull over bucking routine and observance okonomiyaki resound on your cooking utensil as an alternative. It may appear a weeny glamorous at first, but hey, wasn't sushi?

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